25 Kuna

  • 25 Kuna Croatia 2017
$9 UNC
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Type Commemorative issue (Circulating)
Material Bi-Metallic
Ring Cupronickel
Center Copper Aluminum Nickel
Weight 12.75 g
Diametr 32 mm
Thickness 2.2 mm
Shape multangular polygon
Sides 12
Alignment Medal
Mint Croatian Monetary Institute (HNZ)

The surface is composed of matte and lustrous jigsaw pieces, one of which, crossed with diagonal lines, symbolises “H”, the first letter of the Croatian name for Croatia – “Hrvatska”. The design on the core of the coin features the logo of the United Nations touching the jigsaw piece that signifies Croatia, in a symbolic representation of Croatia’s membership in the United Nations. The jigsaw puzzle as a whole is a symbol of the cooperation and unity of the Member States of the United Nations. The legend, which in Croatian reads “25th Anniversary of the Admission of the Republic of Croatia to Membership in the United Nations”, is inscribed in positive along the outer edge of the coin’s ring, following the circular shape of the coin. The coin’s ring also bears the dates “22. V. 1992. – 22. V. 2017.”, inscribed in positive below the core, along the ring’s inner edge.

The emblem of the United Nations Organization depicts a map of the world representing an azimuthal equidistant projection centred on the North Pole, inscribed in a wreath consisting of crossed conventionalized branches of the olive tree. The projection of the map extends to 60 degrees south latitude, and includes five concentric circles. The olive branches are a symbol for peace, and the world map represents all the people and the countries of the world.


Depicts the denomination numeral “25”, inscribed in positive in the central part of the coin’s core. The coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia is positioned above the denomination numeral and the Croatian name of the monetary unit “KUNA” is inscribed in positive below the numeral. The coin’s surface is by a special minting technique divided into four jigsaw pieces, symbolising the fields of the state coat of arms, two of which, placed one opposite the other, are matted and crossed with thin vertical lines. The other two opposite pieces are lustrous. The matted jigsaw piece in the upper left section of the coin’s ring bears the Croatian legend “Republic of Croatia”, inscribed in negative, and the opposite piece depicts an image of a marten turned to the right. The lustrous piece in the lower left section of the ring shows a matted blooming laurel branch and the opposite lustrous piece features a matted common oak twig with acorns. Below the common oak branch is the signature of the engraver "DM".

The word "kuna" means "marten" in Croatian since it is based on the use of marten pelts as units of value in medieval trading.

The coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia consists of one main shield and five smaller shields which form a crown over the main shield. The main coat of arms is a checkerboard (chequy) that consists of 13 red and 12 silver (white) fields. It's also informally known in Croatian as šahovnica ("chessboard", from šah, "chess"). The five smaller shields represent five different historical regions within Croatia.

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