6 coins

Armenia    1 coin


Regions of Armenia and Yerevan

Brass Plated Steel, 3.5 g, ⌀ 21.5 mm

Japan    1 coin

Heisei, Shimane

60th Anniversary of Enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law

Bi-Metallic, 7.1 g, ⌀ 26.5 mm

Latvia    1 coin

Christmas bells

Limited Edition 1 Lats

Cupronickel, 4.8 g, ⌀ 21.75 mm

Slovakia    1 coin

20th Anniversary of the Start of the Velvet Revolution

Bi-Metallic, 8.5 g, ⌀ 25.75 mm

United Kingdom (Great Britain)    1 coin

4th portrait, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Capital Сities of the United Kingdom

Nickel Brass, 9.5 g, ⌀ 22.5 mm

United States of America (USA)    1 coin

Washington Quarter, Texas, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

America the Beautiful Quarters Program

Copper Nickel Clad Copper, 5.67 g, ⌀ 24.26 mm
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