Last updated: February 24, 2022

User-Generated Content and Intellectual Property Rights

We operate as a user-generated content platform, meaning our users contribute all information about coins, including descriptions, images, and data. Consequently, some content may be incorrect, incomplete, or lacking proper usage rights.

Respect for Copyrights

We respect the copyrights of all content creators. Our policy is to credit original creators and provide links to their sites to help generate traffic in return.

Permission and Attribution

We strive to contact all known content owners to request permission to use their images or texts. While we make every effort to obtain the necessary permissions, it is not always possible to verify the authenticity of the permission granted. If you believe your copyrighted material has been used on our site without proper authorization, please contact us with proof of ownership (such as a link to the original content).

Content Removal and Amendments

If you are the rightful owner of any content used on our site and are unhappy with its use, or if we have failed to properly credit your resource, please inform us immediately. Upon verification, we will promptly remove the disputed content or make the necessary changes to correct the attribution.

Intent and Commitment

Our intent is not to infringe on anyone’s intellectual property rights but to educate and assist coin collectors by providing accurate visual and textual information about coins worldwide. We have established partnerships with several prominent content providers, who have granted us permission to use their materials and monitor traffic from our site to their own.

Resolution and Cooperation

We request that, before taking any legal action, you provide us an opportunity to resolve the issue amicably. We are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and to establishing a mutually beneficial relationship whenever possible.

Contact Information

For any copyright-related concerns, please contact us.