Obverse. Photo © Monetnik.ru
  • 2000 Forint 2016, KM# 904, Hungary, 150th Anniversary of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • 2000 Forint 2016, KM# 904, Hungary, 150th Anniversary of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden, the oldest zoo in Hungary and one of the oldest in the world, opened on August 9, 1866. Located in the City Park of Budapest, it houses 1,072 animal species and attracts 1-1.1 million visitors annually. Notable features include Art Nouveau buildings and unique animals like the Komodo dragon and wombat. Founded by patriots such as geologist József Szabó and zoologist János Xántus, the zoo initially showcased Hungarian and rare exotic species. After financial difficulties and transformations, it was modernized in the early 20th century and rebuilt post-World War II. Today, it remains a significant and popular historical site in Budapest.

Engraver: Gábor Kereszthury


Depicts a white rhinoceros and its calf facing each other, with the backdrop of the "Nagyszikla" (Great Rock) at the Budapest Zoo. At the top edge, arranged in two rows, the inscriptions "150 YEARS" and "THE ZOO" are placed one below the other, while at the bottom, the jubilee years "1866–2016" are visible. In the bottom left corner, the engraver's privy mark is located.

The Great Rock and the Small Rock were designed by engineer Gyula Végh and sculptor Gyula Benke between 1909 and 1912. The Great Rock, standing 34 meters tall, mimics natural formations: its base resembles the gray limestone of the Karst mountains, while its peak resembles a dolomite cliff. Supported by reinforced concrete beams and covered with cement concrete, it houses animal enclosures and a water tower. Additionally, it accommodates various animal enclosures, including a reptile house.

150 ÉVES


Depicts a roseate pelican with the building of the Australian House in the background in the Budapest Zoo. On the right side, the silhouette of another pelican perched on a barren tree is visible. Along the edge, at the top, the inscription "HUNGARY" is seen, below which the denomination and the inscription "FORINT" are displayed in two horizontal rows. The mint mark "BP." is present in the bottom left corner, while in the bottom right corner, the year of issue "2016" is displayed. Within the mint mark, microtext becomes visible under at least ten times magnification.

Urban engineers Reitter Ferenc and József Vogel designed the still-existing Great Lake, originally covering 900 square meters, along with the wells that supply it. The oldest tree in the zoo, a venerable plane tree on the lake's shore, likely predates the zoo itself. Today, this area serves as a natural habitat for many migratory and native waterbirds.


Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Copper Nickel
Weight 27 g
Diameter -
Width 39.6 mm
Height 26.4 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Shape rectangular
Alignment Medal
Budapest Mint (BP)

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