Obverse. Photo © Monetnik.ru
  • 50 Forint 2020, KM# 983, Hungary, 150th Anniversary of the Hungarian Fire Brigade
  • 50 Forint 2020, KM# 983, Hungary, 150th Anniversary of the Hungarian Fire Brigade
  • 50 Forint 2020, KM# 983, Hungary, 150th Anniversary of the Hungarian Fire Brigade, A first-day mint package.

In recognition of the sacrificial work of firefighters, the Magyar Nemzeti Bank issued a HUF 50 commemorative circulation coin, along with HUF 10,000 silver and HUF 2,000 non-ferrous commemorative coins on May 4, 2020, Saint Florian's Day, the patron saint of firefighters. These issuances highlight the 150-year history and enduring presence of the organized Hungarian fire brigade, which originated from local voluntary and professional associations before being nationally integrated by Count Ödön Széchenyi. His efforts led to the founding of the Hungarian National Firefighters Association in 1870, the direct predecessor of today's Hungarian Firefighters Association. Since 1991, Firefighters' Day has been officially celebrated in Hungary on May 4.

Count Ödön Széchenyi played a pivotal role in establishing the Hungarian Fire Brigade. His initiative led to the Pest Volunteer Fire Brigade's bylaws in 1866, and by 1869, he had trained his team. Initially, volunteers only worked night shifts while maintaining their civilian jobs during the day. Recognizing the limitations of a volunteer-only force, Széchenyi proposed a professional fire brigade, and on February 1, 1870, a 12-member professional team began service. Széchenyi, as the chief commander, inspired his team with his dedication and modernized the brigade with innovative equipment, such as steam fire engines from England. His leadership and the brigade's successes led to the spread of professional fire brigades across Hungary, earning Széchenyi and his firefighters commendations from Prime Minister Gyula Andrássy and honors from the king.

Engraver: István Kósa


Depicts an ornate firefighter's helmet and two crossed fire axes, surrounded by a laurel wreath. Along the edge, there is a depiction of a rescue rope, with carabiners at both ends and the year of issuance, 2020, placed between them. Within the beaded border, in a circular inscription, at the top is the text "HUNGARY," and at the bottom, between flame motifs, is the text "150 YEARS OF ORGANIZED HUNGARIAN FIREFIGHTING".



Depicts the denomination, consisting of slightly overlapping numerals, is located within the pearl border. Decorative lines are found at the bottom on the left and right sides of the denomination. Below it, the inscription and mint mark (BP) are horizontally arranged in two rows.


Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Cupronickel
Weight 7.6 g
Diameter 27.4 mm
Thickness 1.7 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Budapest Mint (BP)

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