Obverse. Photo © Magyar Nemzeti Bank
  • 15 000 Forint 2021, Adamo# EM433, Hungary, 2021 World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition in Hungary, One with Nature
  • 15 000 Forint 2021, Adamo# EM433, Hungary, 2021 World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition in Hungary, One with Nature

To commemorate the highly successful 1971 World Hunting Exhibition, Hungary hosted the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition in 2021 with the theme "One with Nature." The central event was held from September 25 to October 14, 2021.

The entire Hungexpo area featured interactive exhibits, virtual reality games, international lectures, and dioramas across eight pavilions, showcasing the unique wildlife of our planet. The Central Hungarian Exhibition offered a thousand-year journey through Hungary's hunting and wildlife management history, while nations from around the world presented their own exhibits in a separate hall. The event included horse, falconry, archery, and dog shows. Visitors could engage with nature through various VR games, such as exploring Hungary's landscapes as a falcon.

The exhibition highlighted wild game and fish in a special gastronomic venue and compensated for the missed FeHoVa (Weapon, Fishing, and Hunting Exhibition) due to the Covid pandemic, a major event for hunters, anglers, and nature enthusiasts in the region. Annually, more than 200 exhibitors from 12 countries showcase their innovations at FeHoVa.

For the 2021 exhibition, artist Miklós Gábor Szőke created a monumental artwork titled "Totem," a 16.5-meter-high, 20-meter-long, and equally wide roaring stag's head made from 10 tons of shed antlers. This massive sculpture was placed at the entrance of the exhibition, allowing visitors to enter through the stag's open mouth.

Engraver: László Szlávics Jr.


Depicts the World of Hunting and Nature Exhibition's logo covered by a thin, pierced, gilded silver plate - inlay applique. Encircling the logo, at the top, the inscription reads "ONE WITH NATURE HUNTING AND NATURE WORLD EXHIBITION," and at the bottom, between two leaf motifs, the inscriptions "HUNGARY" and the issuance year "2021" can be seen. The engraver's privy mark is placed within the right leaf motif.



Depicts the world-record red deer stag trophy shot in 1986 at Karapancsa in the Gemenc Forest, with a leaf illustration in the background, which is one of the visual elements of the World Exhibition. Between the depiction of the two antlers, in three horizontal lines, are the denomination, the inscription "FORINT," and the mint mark "BP." To the right of the depiction of the trophy, at the bottom, the inscription "KARAPANCSAI BULL" can be seen. Around the edge, in a circular inscription, are the names of the cities hosting the World Exhibition — "BUDAPEST," "HATVAN," "KESZTHELY," and "VÁSÁROSNAMÉNY" — listed in alphabetical order and separated by leaf motifs, with six leafy branch motifs at the bottom.


Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.925
Weight 31.46 g
Diameter 38.4 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Budapest Mint (BP)

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