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  • 20 Fillér 1941-1944, KM# 520, Hungary, Miklós Horthy
  • 20 Fillér 1941-1944, KM# 520, Hungary, Miklós Horthy

Miklós Horthy de Nagybánya (1868–1957) was a Hungarian admiral and statesman, who served as Regent of the Kingdom of Hungary between World Wars I and II and throughout most of World War II, from 1 March 1920 to 15 October 1944.

Engraver: Lajos Berán


Depicts the Crown of Saint Stephen, issuing date under the central hole and the crown. The country name (Kingdom of Hungary) above.

The Holy Crown of Hungary (also known as the Crown of Saint Stephen) was the coronation crown used by the Kingdom of Hungary for most of its existence; kings have been crowned with it since the twelfth century. No king of Hungary was regarded as having been truly legitimate without being crowned with it. In the history of Hungary, more than fifty kings were crowned with it, up to the last, Charles IV, in 1916. The cross is attached to the crown in a rough manner, rising from the midriff of Christ in the central enamel plaque at the top of the crown. The cross was knocked crooked in the 17th century when the crown was damaged, possibly by the top of the iron chest housing the insignia being hastily closed without the crown having been placed in it properly. The cross has since been left in this slanted position, and is now always depicted as such.



Depicts the denomination, surrounded by decorative elements on both sides, the mintmark "BP." above the "FILLÉR" inscription.



20 Fillér

KM# 520 Schön# 33 Unger# 1521 Adamo# P4.1
Material Iron
Weight 3.6 g
Diameter 21 mm
Thickness 1.7 mm
Shape round with a center hole
Alignment Medal
Budapest Mint (BP)

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