Obverse. With shoulder strap (KM# 27.2). Photo © Heritage Auctions
  • 1 Shilling 1953-1965, KM# 27, New Zealand, Elizabeth II, With shoulder strap (KM# 27.2)
  • 1 Shilling 1953-1965, KM# 27, New Zealand, Elizabeth II
  • 1 Shilling 1953-1965, KM# 27, New Zealand, Elizabeth II, Without shoulder strap (KM# 27.1)

First portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II (laureate bust) facing right, wearing a wreath. It was introduced in 1953, one year after the Queen acceded to the throne. It captures the grace and youth of the 26-year-old new Queen. Her hair is restrained by a laureate crown which is tied with ribbons at the back of her head. The Queen's shoulders are bare and the truncation follows the curve of the coin. The engravers initials M.G. are incuse, generally faint, and are located on the raised edge found at the base of the bust.

There are two variants: with or without a shoulder strap.

Engraver: Mary Gillick



A figure of a Maori warrior in warlike attitude carrying a taiaha.

A taiaha is a traditional weapon of the Māori of New Zealand; a close-quarters staff weapon made from either wood or whalebone, and used for short, sharp strikes or stabbing thrusts with quick footwork on the part of the wielder.

Engraver: George Edward Kruger Gray



1 Shilling

1st portrait
KM# 27
Material Cupronickel
Weight 5.64 g
Diameter 23.62 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Alt # KM# 27.1, KM# 27.2

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