• 25 Cents 1986-2016, KM# 3, Aruba, Beatrix, Willem-Alexander
  • 25 Cents 1986-2016, KM# 3, Aruba, Beatrix, Willem-Alexander

Engraver: Evelino Fingal


State name, coat-of-arms, mint marks, and year of issue.

The coat of arms of Aruba was originally designed in Amsterdam in 1955. Since then it has been in use as the national symbol of Aruba. The symbol has seven main elements:
· The lion crest symbolizes power and generosity.
· A white cross divides the shield into quarters, and represents devotion and faith.
· In the first quarter is an aloe plant, the island's first important export.
· In the second quarter, Hooiberg, Aruba's most recognizable and second highest hill, represents Aruba rising out of the sea.
· The third quarter depicts hands shaking, symbolic of Aruba's good relations with the world.
· In the fourth quarter, a cogwheel represents industry.
· Below the shield is a pair of laurel branches, traditional symbols of peace and friendship.



Triangular geometric shapes.

25 c

Material Nickel Bonded Steel
Weight 3.5 g
Diameter 20 mm
Thickness 1.65 mm
Shape round
Alignment Coin

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