• 1 Bluzger 1693-1728, KM# 131, Diocese of Chur, Ulrich VII von Federspiel
  • 1 Bluzger 1693-1728, KM# 131, Diocese of Chur, Ulrich VII von Federspiel

The Diocese of Chur extends over the Swiss Cantons of Graubünden (Grisons), Schwyz, Glarus, Zurich, Nidwalden, Obwalden and Uri. A Bishop of Chur is first mentioned in 451/452 when its Bishop Saint Asimo attended the Synod of Milan, but probably existed a century earlier. According to local traditions, the first Bishop of Chur was Saint Lucius, who is said to have died a martyr at Chur around the year 176, and whose relics are preserved in the cathedral. St. Lucius is venerated as the principal patron of the diocese.

Ulrich VII von Federspiel (7 May 1657 - 11 Oct 1728) was a priest for 46.5 years and Bishop of Chur for 35.6 years (1692–1728).


4-fold arms in oval cartouche in circle of pearls.

The arms are the family arms of Bishop Ulrich VII von Federspiel: Ibex are in 2 quarters and ibex horns (with root) are in the other 2 quarters. Ibex are wild goats that live in the mountainous regions of Europe, north central Asia and northern Africa. They have long, curved horns and cloven hooves. Males have long beards.

VDALricvs Dei Gratia EPiscopvs CVRiensis Dominvs IN FVRstenau et fürstenBVRG — Latin for "Ulrich by the grace of God bishop of Chur lord of Fürstenau and Fürstenberg".

VDAL • D • G • EP CVR • D • IN • FVR • BVRG


Anchor cross with ornamentation on arms.

Domini est Regnum — Latin for "The Lord (God) is the ruler (of Chur)".


Material Billon
Weight 0.6 g
Diameter 16 mm
Thickness 0.8 mm
Shape round
Alignment Coin

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