Obverse. Photo © Alexander Malioukov
  • 2 Pe 1847, KM# 11, Cambodia, Kingdom, Ang Duong
  • 2 Pe 1847, KM# 11, Cambodia, Kingdom, Ang Duong

Issued by Cambodia as an independent kingdom.

Ang Duong (12 June 1796 – 19 October 1860) (r. 1841–1844, 1845–1860) was a king of Cambodia. His official title is Preah Raja Samdach Preah Hariraksha Rama Suriya Maha Isvara Adipati. He is regarded as the Great-King of Cambodia who both protected the country from invasion and steered it away from poverty.

During the reign of King Ang Duong Cambodia was in danger of being swallowed by its two powerful neighbors, Vietnam and Siam. In order to protect Cambodia from being absorbed by Vietnam and Siam, King Ang Duong secretly began to make contacts for protection with the French authority based in Asia. King Ang Duong's action paved the way for France to establish a French Protectorate in 1863 which lasted for 90 years. Ang Duong was responsible for Cambodia becoming a French protectorate but he died three years before the establishment of the protectorate, which occurred during the reign of his elder son, King Norodom.


Chinese character Chi (luck) above hamsa bird.

The hamsa (Sanskrit: हंस, haṃsa or hansa) is an aquatic bird of passage, such as a goose or a swan. Its icon is used in Indian and Southeast Asian culture as a spiritual symbol and a decorative element.

The hamsa is often identified with the Supreme Spirit, Ultimate Reality or Brahman in Hinduism. The hamsa was also used extensively in the art of Gandhara, in conjunction with images of the Shakyamuni Buddha. It is also deemed sacred in the Buddhadharma.


Uniface. A uniface is a reference to a one-sided coin, usually issued in low denomination, in times of war or in the early evolution of coins.


2 Pe (1/2 Fuang)

KM# 11
Material Billon
Weight 1.3 g
Diameter 14 mm
Thickness 1.1 mm
Shape round
Alignment -

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