A royal monogram, showing three times between three crowns, date and privy marks below.

The crown of King Christian V of Denmark was the crown used at the coronation of all of Denmark's absolutist kings. While the reign of such monarchs ended in 1840, the crown is still used during a Danish king's castrum doloris, the last time in 1972. Used by the kings from Christian V to Christian VIII. Made by Paul Kurtz in Copenhagen, 1670–1671. Gold with enamel and table-cut stones. Total weight 2080 g. Also 2 garnets and 2 sapphires, of which the largest dates back to Frederick I of Denmark.

Mint directors initials:
· LG: Laust Grove (1989-2001)
· JS: Jørgen Strandgaard (2014-2016)
· LGS: Lars Gerrild Sørensen (2016-)

Chief engravers initials:
· JP: Jan Petersen (1989-2001)
· HW: Henrik Wiberg (2014-)

· A: Johan Alkjær

M II ♥ M II ♥ M II
LG 1990 JP A


A value and a drawing based on prehistoric drawings.

Two hearts (♥) are the Royal Danish Mint mark (Copenhagen). The use of the heart is a century-old tradition, originally indicating the mint master, later the place of minting. Today, the mint mark serves no practical purpose since Danish coins are minted in only one place.

♥ 5 KRONER ♥


5 Kroner

KM# 869 Schön# 88
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Material Cupronickel
Weight 9.2 g
Diameter 28.5 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Shape round with a center hole
Alignment Medal
Alt # KM# 869.1, KM# 869.2, KM# 869.3, KM# 869.4
Royal Danish Mint

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