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  • 2 Euro 2014-2020, KM# 157, Latvia
  • 2 Euro 2014-2020, KM# 157, Latvia

Originally, it was planned that Freedom Monument would be featured on the 2 euro coin, but the original design did not meet the regulations of the ECB since it reached out into the ring of the coin and changed one of the stars.


Depicts a maiden in stylized folk costume with ears of grain over her shoulder, originally depicted on the reverse of the 5 lats silver coin in 1929. It is semi-encircled by the inscriptions Latvian on the left and Republic on the right. The outer ring contains the twelve stars of the European Union.

In 1929 the Latvian Ministry of Finance decided to issue a 5 lat circulation coin depicting the head of a maiden, which would symbolize the Republic of Latvia and freedom. The coin was designed by Rihards Zariņš. The image of the maiden on the coin is colloquially known as Milda (a Latvian female name). The model was Zelma Brauere (1900-1977), a proofreader of the State Securities Printing House.

Engravers: Guntars Sietiņš, Ligita Franckeviča



A geographical map of Western Europe spans the outer ring and inner core on the right side of the coin. The inscription 2 EURO is superimposed over the map of Europe, with the numeral “2” located in an open field representing the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

12 stars are located on the right side of the outer ring, with six stars atop the map of Europe and six stars below it; six vertical stripes cut across the inner core of the coin, visually connecting the upper and lower star segments.

Luc Luycx, a designer at the Royal Belgian Mint, designed the Euro’s common reverse; his initials, LL, are seen on the right side of the design, just under the “O” in “EURO.”



Dievs, svētī Latviju! (God, Bless Latvia!) is the national anthem of Latvia. The words and music were written by Kārlis Baumanis (1834–1904).


2 Euro

KM# 157 Schön# 149
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Material Bi-Metallic
Ring Cupronickel
Center Nickel Brass
Weight 8.5 g
Diameter 25.75 mm
Thickness 2.2 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Lithuanian Mint (LMK)
State Mints of Baden-Wuerttemberg / Stuttgart (SMBW/F)

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