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  • 1 Shilling 1966-1968, KM# 5, Kenya
  • 1 Shilling 1966-1968, KM# 5, Kenya

Numerical denomination and Kenyan coat of arms surrounded by legend.

The coat of arms of Kenya features two lions, a symbol of protection, holding spears and a traditional East African shield. The shield and spears symbolize unity and defence of freedom. The shield contains the rooster holding an axe. According to the African tradition, the rooster is the only domestic fowl that announces the dawn of a new day, much like the wake up call of an alarm clock. It is also the symbol of Kenya Africa National Union (KANU) party that led the country to independence.

The shield and lions stand on a silhouette of Mount Kenya containing in the foreground examples of Kenya agricultural produce - coffee, pyrethrum, sisal, tea, maize and pineapples.

The coat of arms is supported by a scroll upon which is written the word 'Harambee'. In Swahili, Harambee means "pulling together" or "all for one". It is the cry of the fishermen as they draw their nets towards the shore. The same word is echoed by everyone when a collective effort is made for the common good, such as helping a family in need, or the construction of a school or a church.

19 66


Bust of Jomo Kenyatta facing left.

Jomo Kenyatta (1891 – 1978) was a Kenyan politician and the first President of Kenya. Kenyatta was the leader of Kenya from independence in 1963 to his death in 1978, serving first as Prime Minister (1963–64) and then as President (1964–78). He is considered the founding father of the Kenyan nation. Kenyatta was a well-educated intellectual who authored several books, and is remembered as a Pan-Africanist. He is also the father of Kenya's fourth President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Before the enactment of the new constitution, Kenyatta's face adorned Kenyan currency notes and coins of all denominations except the 40 shilling coin.

Engraver: N. Sillman


1 Shilling

KM# 5 Schön# 5
Material Cupronickel
Weight 7.9 g
Diameter 27.8 mm
Thickness 1.55 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Royal Mint

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