The Finnish Civil War (27 January – 15 May 1918) concerned leadership and control of Finland during the transition from a Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire to an independent state. The war was fought between the Reds, led by the Social Democratic Party and the Whites, conducted by the non-socialist, conservative-led senate. The paramilitary Red Guards, composed of industrial and agrarian workers, controlled the cities and industrial centers of southern Finland. The paramilitary White Guards, composed of peasants and middle-class and upper-class factions, controlled rural central and northern Finland.

The Reds carried out an unsuccessful general offensive in February 1918, supplied with weapons by Soviet Russia. A counteroffensive by the Whites began in March, reinforced by an Imperial German Army squad in April. The decisive military actions of the war were the Battles of Tampere and Viipuri, won by the Whites, and the Battles of Helsinki and Lahti, won by German troops, leading to overall victory of the Whites and the German forces.


Flag and 3 trumpets within wreath, wreath knot centered between 9 and 1 of date below, surrounded by the inscription "People's job, the people's power".

There is a very scarce counterfeit produced in Germany (knot above the second one in the date) and now collected as part of the Finnish series.



Large value flanked by flower heads.


Edge -

5 Penniä

Civil War Coinage
KM# 21 Schön# 15
Material Copper
Weight 2.5 g
Diameter 17.9 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal

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