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  • 20 Pesos 1977-1978, KM# 75, Argentina, 1978 Football (Soccer) World Cup in Argentina
  • 20 Pesos 1977-1978, KM# 75, Argentina, 1978 Football (Soccer) World Cup in Argentina

The 1978 FIFA World Cup, the 11th staging of the FIFA World Cup, quadrennial international football world championship tournament, was held in Argentina between 1 and 25 June. The 1978 World Cup was won by Argentina who beat the Netherlands 3–1 at River Plate's home stadium Estadio Monumental in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires after extra time in the final. This win was the first World Cup title for Argentina, who became the fifth team (after Uruguay, Italy, England and West Germany), to be both hosts and world champions. Argentina, the Netherlands and Brazil were the gold, silver and bronze medalists respectively. Iran and Tunisia made their first appearances in the finals. This was also the last World Cup tournament to use the original inclusion of 16 teams, only 15 teams (plus the host, who automatically qualifed) had been allowed to qualify since the first World Cup in 1930; for the next World Cup in Spain, FIFA expanded that tournament to 24 teams.


Two soccer players, country above with two numbered year below country to right.



A logo of the World Cup top right, Peso Ley Symbol (Bs) to left, value below, date at bottom.

The logo is based on Juan Perón's signature gesture: a salute to the crowd with both arms extended above his head. This was one of the most famous, populist images of Perón. The design was created in 1974 two years prior to the military coup in 1976. The military leadership were aware that the World Cup's logo symbolized Perón's gesture, and they tried to change the competition's logo. At this point, the design was already broadly commercialized and the merchandise had already been made: a forced modification "would trigger a sea of lawsuits against the country", so the military "munched the defeat".


Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Aluminium Bronze
Weight 4.9 g
Diameter 22 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Shape polygon
Sides 12
Alignment Coin

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