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  • 1 Centim 2002, KM# 178, Andorra, Joan Martí i Alanis, Agnus Dei
  • 1 Centim 2002, KM# 178, Andorra, Joan Martí i Alanis, Agnus Dei

The Andorran diner (ADD) is a commemorative currency issued in form of coins intended for collectors and without a legal tender value. A diner is divided into 100 cèntims. It was an artificial currency to produce commemorative coins.


National arms, date below.

The coat of arms of Andorra is the heraldic device consisting of a shield divided quarterly by the arms of the Bishop of Urgell (top left) and the Count of Foix (top right) – who have historically been the two co-princes of Andorra – in addition to the emblems of Catalonia (bottom left) and the Viscount of Béarn (bottom right). At the bottom is the country's motto – Strength united is stronger (Latin: Virtus unita fortior).



Lamb of God (lamb with an aureola and a cross) and value.

Lamb of God (Latin: Agnus Dei) is a title for Jesus that appears in the Gospel of John. It appears at John 1:29, where John the Baptist sees Jesus and exclaims, "Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world."

Christian doctrine holds that divine Jesus chose to suffer crucifixion at Calvary as a sign of his full obedience to the will of his divine Father, as an "agent and servant of God". In Christian theology the Lamb of God is viewed as foundational and integral to the message of Christianity.

The Lamb of God title is widely used in Christian prayers, and the Agnus Dei is used as a standard part of the Catholic Mass, as well as the classical Western Liturgies of the Anglican and Lutheran Churches. It also is used in liturgy and as a form of contemplative prayer.

As a visual motif the lamb has been most often represented since the Middle Ages as a standing haloed lamb with a foreleg cocked "holding" a pennant with a red cross on a white ground, though many other ways of representing it have been used.

Agnus Dei


1 Centim

Agnus Dei

KM# 178
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Aluminium
Weight 2.3 g
Diameter 27 mm
Thickness 1.8 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Kremnica Mint (MK)

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