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  • 20 Stotinki 1974-1990, KM# 88, Bulgaria
  • 20 Stotinki 1974-1990, KM# 88, Bulgaria

Depicts the 1st coat of arms of the People's Republic of Bulgaria (1948–1968) surrounded by the country name People's Republic of Bulgaria.

In the communist era, the traditional type of coat of arms was replaced by the emblem, which preserved the golden lion rampant placed over a non-historically-justifiable oval azure field, but encircled by the ears of wheat, folded by banners '9 IX 1944' (9 September 1944), a gear-wheel, a five-pointed red star and some other elements. This composition was derived principally from the pattern of the emblem of the Soviet Union.

The Bulgarian coup d'état of 1944, also known as the National Uprising of 9 September or the Socialist Revolution of 9 September, was a change in the Kingdom of Bulgaria's administration and government carried out on the eve of 9 September 1944. Following that date, large-scale political, economic and social changes were introduced to the country, with Bulgaria quitting the Axis and coming into the Soviet sphere of influence.

681 1944


Denomination above date, grain sprigs flank on both sides.



20 Stotinki

2nd Coat of Arms
KM# 88 Schön# 86
Material Cupronickel
Weight 3.1 g
Diameter 21.2 mm
Thickness 1.12 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Bulgarian Mint

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