The large coat of arms of the Republic of Latvia with the year 2008 inscribed below it is in the center. The inscriptions LATVIJAS and REPUBLIKA, each arranged in a semicircle, are above and beneath the central motif, respectively.

The Latvian national coat of arms was designed by the Latvian artist Rihards Zariņš. It combines symbols of Latvian national statehood, as well as symbols of its ancient historical districts:

- The three golden stars above the field represent three historical provinces: Vidzeme (Swedish Livonia), Latgale (Polish Livonia) and Kurzeme-Zemgale (Duchy of Courland and Semigalia).
- The golden sun in the field represents the sun of freedom. Sun symbol was used as a symbol of distinction and national identity by the Imperial Russian Army's Latvian Riflemen units during World War I. During the war, the sun was fashioned with 17 rays that symbolized the 17 Latvian inhabited districts.
- The bottom part of escutcheon is divided into two fieds where the red lion of Courland represents Kurzeme and Zemgale while the silver griffin of Polish Livionia represents Vidzeme and Latgale. The red lion and silver griffin are also used as Supporters.
- Base of the coat of arms is decorated with the branches of an oak tree, Quercus robur, which is one of Latvian national symbols.

20 08


A salmon, the symbol of Latvia's abundant water resources, is shown jumping out of the water from left to right. The numeral 1, with the inscription LATS in a semicircle beneath it, is centered in the lower part of the coin.

Engraver: Gunars Lusis



Smooth with two inscriptions (one inverted) LATVIJAS BANKA (Bank of Latvia), separated by rhombic dots


1 Lats


KM# 12
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Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Cupronickel
Weight 4.8 g
Diameter 21.75 mm
Thickness 1.8 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Bavarian Central Mint (D)
Paris Mint (A)

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