Designer: Mgr. art. Patrik Kovacovsky. Engraver: Dalibor Schmidt. Material: obverse - 3 metals: Ag, Au, Pt 999/1000, reverse - Ag 999/1000. Weight: Ag - 31.10 g (1 oz), Au - 6.22 g (1/5 oz), Pt - 0.31 g (1/100 oz). Diameter: 50 mm (described circle) (Au 24 mm, Pt 5 mm).


Space, the main motif, is represented by a contrast of the three metals in different colours - silver, gold and platinum. The Sun is depicted in the center of the gold disc, with an eye as a divine symbol for looking into the future. The astrological symbols of the planets are placed in the iris of the eye at the junction of the metals. The Earth and other planets of the solar system, indicating our place in space, are part of the design. The name of the state SLOVENSKA REPUBLIKA is placed by the side of the coin, at the top of a triangle divided by the coat of arms, below which is the date 2001. On the lower margin of the coin is the face value 5000 Sk.

5000 Sk.


Three hands, inspired by the motif of the creation of Adam in the famous frescoes by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. The depiction of three hands pointing towards each other expresses the need for cooperation and solidarity between people. This is emphasized by the letters alpha and omega placed between them. Along the sides of the coin are the inscriptions NOVE TISICROCIE (New Millennium) and the Latin inscription TERTIO MILLENNIO (Third Millennium).


Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Tri-Metallic
Outer ring Silver
Inner ring Gold
Center Platinum
Weight 37.63 g
Diameter 50 mm
Side1 -
Side2 -
Side3 -
Thickness -
Shape triangular
Alignment Coin
Kremnica Mint (MK)

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