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  • 1 Dollar 1990-2018, KM# 99, Belize, Elizabeth II
  • 1 Dollar 1990-2018, KM# 99, Belize, Elizabeth II

Belize, formerly British Honduras, is an independent country on the eastern coast of Central America. Belize is bordered on the north by Mexico, on the south and west by Guatemala, and on the east by the Caribbean Sea.


Third crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem.

The George IV State Diadem, officially the Diamond Diadem, is a type of crown that was made in 1820 for King George IV. The diadem is worn by queens and queens consort in procession to coronations and State Openings of Parliament. The piece of jewellery has been featured in paintings and on stamps and currency. It can be seen in the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

Engraver: Raphael David Maklouf



Three sailing ships (carrack Santa Maria and in the background two smaller caravels, the Pinta and the Niña, used for the first voyage through the Atlantic in 1492) depicting Christopher Columbus’ arrival to the Caribbean, the inscription “BELIZE” and the year, and “ONE DOLLAR” is above the $1 denomination sign.

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) was an Italian explorer and navigator who completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean, opening the way for the widespread European exploration and colonization of the Americas. His expeditions, sponsored by the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, were the first European contact with the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Engraver: Robert Elderton



1 Dollar

3rd portrait
KM# 99
Material Nickel Brass
Weight 9 g
Diameter 26 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Shape polygon
Sides 10
Alignment Medal
Royal Mint

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