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  • 5 Penniä 1977-1990, KM# 45a, Finland, Republic
  • 5 Penniä 1977-1990, KM# 45a, Finland, Republic

Depicts a looped square, surrounded by the country name in Finnish, date below.

The looped square (⌘) is a symbol consisting of a square with outward pointing loops at its corners. The symbol is known as Saint John's Arms or Saint Hannes cross (related to Swedish sankthanskors, Danish johanneskors, and Finnish hannunvaakuna), as Gorgon loop, and as command key symbol due to its use on the command key on Apple computer keyboards. In Finland, the symbol was painted or carved on houses and barns, and domestic utensils such as tableware, to protect them and their owners from evil spirits and bad luck. The oldest surviving example is a pair of 1000-year-old (Finnish pre-Christian period) wooden skis decorated with the symbol.

• 1982 •


Grasped hands flank denomination in Finnish.



5 Penniä

KM# 45a Schön# 47a
Material Aluminium
Weight 0.8 g
Diameter 18 mm
Thickness 1.43 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Mint of Finland

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