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  • 10 Fils 1996-2011, KM# 3.2, United Arab Emirates, Zayed, Khalifa
  • 10 Fils 1996-2011, KM# 3.2, United Arab Emirates, Zayed, Khalifa

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918–2004) was an Emirati leader, credited with founding the United Arab Emirates. He governed the Eastern Region before becoming Abu Dhabi's ruler in 1966 and later the UAE's first president until his passing in 2004. Revered as the "Father of the Nation," he played a pivotal role in uniting the seven emirates. Zayed succeeded his brother as Abu Dhabi's ruler after a peaceful coup in 1966.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the second president of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Abu Dhabi from November 2004 until his death in May 2022, was the eldest son of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE's first president. He played a key role as crown prince in the late 1990s due to his father's health issues, and officially assumed leadership in Abu Dhabi in 2004. During his tenure, he oversaw Abu Dhabi's cultural and academic expansion, including the establishment of institutions like the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Etihad Airways. Under his presidency, the UAE became a significant economic force, and Khalifa was known for his pro-Western stance, deftly navigating regional politics and strengthening ties with the United States and Israel. Despite a stroke in 2014, he remained involved in ceremonial duties, with his half-brother, Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, handling day-to-day affairs. Khalifa's death in 2022 marked the succession of his brother, Mohamed.


Depicts a dhow above dates.

The term "dhow" (Arabic: داو dāw) refers to a variety of traditional sailing ships equipped with one or more masts featuring lateen sails, commonly utilized in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean regions. Historians disagree on whether dhows were initially developed by Arabs or Indians. Typically characterized by their long and slender hulls, dhows are primarily utilized as trading vessels, transporting heavy cargo such as fruits, fresh water, or merchandise along the shores of Eastern Arabia (Arab states of the Persian Gulf), East Africa, Yemen, and coastal regions of South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh). Larger dhows typically have crews of around thirty members, while smaller ones may have approximately twelve.

Engraver: Geoffrey Colley

۲۰۱۱ - ١٤٣٢


Denomination in Arabic characters surrounded by the name of the country.

الامارات العربية المتحدة


10 Fils

Non-magnetic, Small Type
KM# 3.2
Material Bronze
Weight 3 g
Diameter 18.5 mm
Thickness 1.65 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)
Royal Mint

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Large Type

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