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  • 2 Pounds 1996, KM# 125, Syria
  • 2 Pounds 1996, KM# 125, Syria

Syrian coat of arms inside a 13-sided shape, date (AD left and AH right) in Arabic digits and denomination below.

The coat of arms of the Syrian Arab Republic consists of the Hawk of Quraish supporting a shield bearing the national flag of Syria (in vertical form), and a scroll of the words "Syrian Arab Republic" in Arabic.

The Hawk of Quraish is a symbol which is found on a number of emblems, coat of arms and flags of several states of the Arab world. The Arabs of the Arabian Peninsula, today especially those from the Persian Gulf coast, are traditionally falconry experts; falcons (and hawks) are seen as status symbols and one of the Arabs' favourite animals. Also the traditions and recorded history about the Quraysh and Muhammad claim a falcon had been used as clan symbol. Therefore, several variants of the Quraishi hawk were and are seen in the flags, coat of arms, seals and emblems of several Arab states until today. In that meaning, the Hawk of Quraish is a rival to the so-called Eagle of Saladin.

الجمهورية العربية السورية
١٤١٦ ١٩٩٦
ليرتان ٢ سوريان


Depicts the Roman Theatre at Bosra, name of country and denomination inside a 13-sided shape.

The Roman Theatre at Bosra is a large Ancient Roman theatre in Bosra, in the district of Dar'a in south-western Syria. It was built in either the second quarter or the second half of the second century AD, and is constructed of black basalt. It was built outside the walls of the town, but was later completely enclosed by an Ayyūbid fortress.

The theatre is 102 metres across and has seating for about 15,000 people; it is thus among the largest of the Ancient Roman civilisation. It is also one of the best preserved both in Syria and across the Roman empire. It was substantially restored between 1947 and 1970, before which it contained large quantities of sand, which may have helped to protect the interior.

الجمهورية العربية السورية
ليرتان ٢ سوريان


2 Pounds (Liras)

KM# 125 Schön# 58
Material Nickel Clad Steel
Weight 6 g
Diameter 23 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal

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