Starting with 28 February 2018, the National Bank of Moldova puts into circulation a new series of metal coins with a face value of 1, 2, 5 and 10 Lei, which will be circulating in parallel with the existing banknotes of the same face value.

By putting together the four coins, one obtains on the obverse side the stylised image of the coat of arms of the Moldavian Principality, inserted in a quatrefoil, combining the aurochs’ head (medieval heraldic elements) seen frontally:
• crescent – on the 1 Leu coin
• sun – on the 2 Lei coin
• star, the princely crown above the aurochs’ horns and the heraldic rose – on the 5 Lei coin
• princely dynastic shield – on the 10 Lei coin.

On the reverse side, the assembling of coins recreates the state coat of arms of the Republic of Moldova.


In the middle, the shield of Stephen the Great (voivode or prince of Moldavia from 1457 to 1504) neighboring the Coat of Arms of Moldova. At the top, part of Moldavian Bull's Head (Capul de Bour) and at the bottom the country name.

The coat of arms of Moldova consists of an eagle holding a cross in its beak and a sceptre and an olive branch in its claws. According to Gheorghe Vrabie, the author of the coat of arms, the eagle symbolizes the Latin origin of the people.

The chest of the eagle is protected by a shield that bears the traditional arms of Moldavia: an aurochs' head with a star between its horns. It also contains two lozenges (the ears), a five-petaled flower and a moon in a crescent phase.



Value in the centre, date below, part of the Coat of Arms on the entire coin.

At the top depicts a monogram of the capital letters „R” and „M” – the acronym of the country’s name - "the Republic of Moldova". The monogram is engraved using a holographic technique. The letters "R" and "M" become visible alternately when the coin is rotating to left or right. The micro-etchings with the “BNM” (Banca Națională a Moldovei / National Bank of Moldova) applied three times vertically on the "1".




10 Lei

Material Bi-Metallic
Ring Nickel Plated Steel
Center Brass Plated Steel
Weight 7.65 g
Diameter 25.3 mm
Thickness 2.3 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
National Bank of Moldova

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