Bust of Michael the Brave. Michael wears on his head his famous buciuman, a hat with some feathers on the side.

1991-1992: rectangle in plume, smaller portrait
1992-1996: no rectangle in plume, larger portrait

Michael the Brave (1558–1601) was the Prince of Wallachia (as Michael II, 1593–1601), Prince of Moldavia (1600) and de facto ruler of Transylvania (1599–1600). He is considered one of Romania's greatest national heroes, and he is seen by Romanian historiography as the first author of Romanian unity.

His rule over Wallachia began in the autumn of 1593. Two years later, war with the Ottomans began, a conflict in which the Prince fought the Battle of Călugăreni. Although the Wallachians emerged victorious from the battle, Michael was forced to retreat with his troops and wait for aid from his allies, Prince Sigismund Báthory of Transylvania and Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II.

In 1599, Michael won the Battle of Șelimbăr and soon entered Alba Iulia, becoming the imperial governor (i.e. de facto ruler) of Transylvania. A few months later, Michael's troops invaded Moldavia and reached its capital, Iaşi, where Michael was declared Prince of Moldavia. Michael kept the control of all three provinces for less than a year before the nobles of Transylvania and certain boyars in Moldavia and Wallachia rose against him in a series of revolts. Thereafter, Michael allied with the Imperial General Giorgio Basta and defeated an uprising of the Hungarian nobility at Gurăslău in Transylvania. Immediately after this victory, Rudolf ordered the assassination of Michael, an action carried out on 9 August 1601 by Basta's men.

Engraver: Vasile Gabor



Denomination and year, at right an oak branch, at left a laurel branch.

There are varieties with straight or rounded "9" in the date, thick or thin "100" in the value.

Engraver: Constantin Dumitrescu




100 Lei

KM# 111 Schön# 128
Material Nickel Plated Steel
Weight 8.7 g
Diameter 29.1 mm
Thickness 2 mm
Shape round
Alignment Coin
Romanian Mint (Monetăria Statului)

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