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  • 10 Marka 1926, KM# 8, Estonia
  • 10 Marka 1926, KM# 8, Estonia

Although the Republic of Estonia had already been proclaimed on February 24, 1918 under the conditions of German occupation any kind of public activity to establish independent statehood was inconceivable. The opportunity to do that came only after the surrender of Germany to the victorious states of World War I on November 1st 1918. On the same day the Estonian Provisional Government reassembled, and besides other vital questions, a lot of attention was paid to developing its own financial system.

The mark was the currency of Estonia between 1918 and 1927. It was initially equivalent to the German ostmark, which had been circulating alongside the Russian ruble since the German occupation.

This issue was not realesed in circulation and most part was melted down because of monetary reform.


Three lions on shield within wreath.

After the proclamation of independence on the 24th of February 1918, the three lions of the coat of arms of the Government of Estonia were placed on the newly minted coins of the Republic. The lions are passant guardant again like in the coat of arms of Duke Otto (the second son of Christoffer II, Prince of Denmark, Duke of Estonia and Laaland), but not crowned.

In fact it is this coat of arms that came to be the coat of arms of Estonia because it appears on the seal of the city of Reval (Tallinn) used from 1340 until 1390. On this seal the coat of arms is supported by duke Otto himself.

One of the lions symbolizes the courage of the fight for freedom in ancient times. The second stands for the courage in the uprisings in Harjumaa in 1343. The third represents the courage of the Estonian fight for freedom between 1918-1920.
The wreath of oak leaves stands for the perseverance and strength of Estonia and the evergreen traditions of freedom.

Design by Georg Vestenberg.


Country (Estonian Republic) encircling denomination, date below.



10 Marka

1st Republic
KM# 8
Material Copper Nickel Zinc
Weight 6.25 g
Diameter 26 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Estonian State Printing Office

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