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  • 10 Pesos 1981-1990, KM# 218, Chile
  • 10 Pesos 1981-1990, KM# 218, Chile, Wide date, narrow rim (KM# 218.1)
  • 10 Pesos 1981-1990, KM# 218, Chile, Narrow date, narrow rim (KM# 218.2)

Depicts "Chilena", a female angel with arms raised wearing broken shackles. Lettering around outside (some obscured by wings). Figure divides a date, mintmark to right.

The 1973 Chilean coup d'état (11 September 1973) was a watershed event in both the history of Chile and the Cold War. Following an extended period of social unrest and political tension between the right-controlled Congress of Chile and the socialist President Salvador Allende, as well as economic warfare ordered by US President Richard Nixon, Allende was overthrown by the armed forces and national police.

The military deposed Allende's Popular Unity government and later established a junta that suspended all political activity in Chile and repressed left-wing movements, especially the communist and socialist parties and the Revolutionary Left Movement (MIR). Allende's appointed army chief, Augusto Pinochet, rose to supreme power within a year of the coup, formally assuming power in late 1974.

During the air raids and ground attacks that preceded the coup, Allende gave his last speech, in which he vowed to stay in the presidential palace, refusing offers of safe passage should he choose exile over confrontation. Direct witness accounts of Allende's death agree that he killed himself in the palace.

11-IX 1973


Value within laurel wreath.



10 Pesos

KM# 218
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D. D.  
Material Brass
Weight 3.5 g
Diameter 21 mm
Thickness 1.3 mm
Shape round
Alignment Coin
Alt # KM# 218.1, KM# 218.2, KM# 218.3
Casa de Moneda de Chile (So)

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