Obverse. Photo © Bank of Russia
  • 3 Rubles 2018, CBR# 5111-0387, Russia, Federation, Russian Animation, Well, Just You Wait!
  • 3 Rubles 2018, CBR# 5111-0387, Russia, Federation, Russian Animation, Well, Just You Wait!

Well, Just You Wait! (Russian: Ну, погоди!, tr. Nu, pogodi!) is a Soviet/Russian animated series produced by Soyuzmultfilm. The series debuted in 1969 and became popular in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc countries. The latest episode was produced in 2006.

The series follows the comical adventures of a mischievous yet artistic Wolf, trying to catch — and presumably eat Hare. It features additional characters that usually either help the hare or interfere with the Wolf's plans. The original film language is Russian, but very little speech is used, usually interjections or at most several sentences per episode. The series' most common line is the titular "Nu, pogodi!", recited by the wolf when his plans fail. It also includes many grunts, laughs, and songs.

Date of issue: 31.07.2018


In the centre the relief image of the National Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation, above the semicircular inscription along the rim THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION framed on both sides by ornamental elements of doubled rhombuses, in the lower part of the disc, at the edge the horizontal inscription 3 RUBLES and the date 2018 under it, over it to the right the mint trade mark.

The two main elements of Russian state symbols (the two-headed eagle and the mounted figure slaying the dragon) predate Peter the Great. Today, however, the official description does not refer to the rider on the central shield as representing Saint George, mainly in order to maintain the secular character of the modern Russian state. The imperial crowns on each head stand for the unity and sovereignty of Russia, both as a whole and in its constituent republics and regions. The orb and scepter grasped in the eagle's talons are traditional heraldic symbols of sovereign power and authority. They have been retained in the modern Russian arms despite the fact that the Russian Federation is not a monarchy.

Artist: E. V. Kramskaya
Sculptor: A. A. Dolgopolova

Ag 925 31,1
2018 г.


Depicts the scene from the animated film Well, Just You Wait! (from the prologue of Episode 8, An Unforgettable Carnival Party, 1974) featuring the Wolf and the Zayats both in an ice-skating outfit performed in colour. The inscription JUST YOU WAIT! above along the rim.

The Hare, commonly transliterated into English as Zayats (Russian: Заяц), is portrayed as a supposedly positive hero. He gets much less screen time and is less developed than the Wolf, and most of his actions are simply reactions to the Wolf's schemes. The character was originally voiced by Klara Rumyanova.

The Wolf, commonly transliterated into English as Volk (Russian: Волк), is initially portrayed as a hooligan who eagerly turns to vandalism, abuses minors, breaks laws, and is a smoker. His most common line throughout the series when things are not going as he expected is "Nu, pogodi!" At the end of an episode (and at the end of the pre-title introduction), the Wolf usually exclaims the series' titular phrase, "Nu, Zayats... Nu, pogodi!" which translates as "Well, Hare... Well, just you wait!". The character was originally voiced by Anatoli Papanov.

Artist: A. A. Brynza



300 corrugations

3 Rubles

CBR# 5111-0387
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.925
Weight 31.1 g
Diameter 39 mm
Thickness 3.3 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Saint Petersburg Mint (SPMD)

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