Finland’s national landscapes symbolise the Finnish character and have a generally recognised significance in Finland’s national culture, history and perception of nature. Mint of Finland will release a base-metal commemorative coin series on Finnish national landscapes. In the summer of 2017, the Finns voted for nine of their most beloved national landscapes to be featured on the coins. The eighth commemorative coin released in the series pays tribute to the natural and cultural landscapes of Porvoonjoki River Valley and Old Porvoo. Proof-quality coins are packed in cardboard packages and come with certificates of authenticity.

Issue date: 02.10.2018


Depicts the depicts Porvoonjoki River Valley and Old Porvoo, with designer's initial (e). The design is based on a photograph taken by Hannu Vallas.

Porvoonjoki is a small river in Finland. The Mediaeval town of Porvoo is situated in the river delta.

Porvoo is a city and a municipality situated on the southern coast of Finland approximately 50 kilometres (30 mi) east of Helsinki. It is one of the six medieval towns in Finland, first mentioned as a city in texts from the 14th century.

The Porvoo Old Town is a popular tourist destination, known for its well-preserved 18th and 19th century buildings and 15th century cathedral, the Porvoo Cathedral. The Old Town is recognized as historically and culturally significant as one of the National landscapes of Finland. The red-coloured wooden storage buildings on the riverside are a proposed UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Engraver: Erkki Vainio



Depicts an image of the map of Finland. The round spot on the map marks the honoured landscape (Porvoonjoki River Valley and Old Porvoo).

Inscriptions include the state name in two national languages – Finnish (Suomi) and Swedish (Finland), designer's initial (μ) and the Mint of Finland’s company mark (the Lion logo). Denomination in the centre.

Engraver: Mari Metso

5 €


5 Euro

Finnish National Landscapes
Porvoonjoki River Valley and Old Porvoo

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Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Copper Aluminum Nickel
Weight 9.8 g
Diameter 27.25 mm
Thickness 2.3 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Mint of Finland

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