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  • 1 Dinar 1987, KM# 117, Algeria, 25th Anniversary of Independence
  • 1 Dinar 1987, KM# 117, Algeria, 25th Anniversary of Independence

The Algerian War, also known as the Algerian War of Independence or the Algerian Revolution was a war between France and the Algerian National Liberation Front from 1954 to 1962, which led to Algeria gaining its independence from France. An important decolonization war, it was a complex conflict characterized by guerrilla warfare, maquis fighting, and the use of torture. The conflict also became a civil war between the different communities and within the communities.


Depicts Maqam Echahid (Martyr's Memorial) inside a wreath of a spike (ear) and an olive branch.

The Maqam Echahid (English: Martyrs' Memorial) is an iconic concrete monument commemorating the Algerian war for independence. The monument was opened in 1982 on the 20th anniversary of Algeria's independence. It is fashioned in the shape of three standing palm leaves which shelter the "Eternal Flame" beneath. At the edge of each palm leaf stands a statue of a soldier, each representing a stage of Algeria's struggle.

1987 - 1962


Depicts large value inside a circle surrounded by the inscription "Central Bank of Algeria".

البنك المركزي الجزائري
دينار واحد


1 Dinar

25th Anniversary of Independence

KM# 117 Schön# 30
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Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Cupronickel
Weight 7 g
Diameter 25 mm
Thickness 1.85 mm
Shape round
Alignment Coin

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