• 10 Deutsche Mark 1988, KM# 169, Germany, Federal Republic, 100th Anniversary of Death of Carl Zeiss
  • 10 Deutsche Mark 1988, KM# 169, Germany, Federal Republic, 100th Anniversary of Death of Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss (1816–1888) was a German scientific instrument maker, optician and businessman who founded the workshop of Carl Zeiss in 1846 which is still in business today as Carl Zeiss AG. Zeiss gathered a group of gifted practical and theoretical opticians and glass makers to reshape most aspects of optical instrument production. His collaboration with Ernst Abbe revolutionized optical theory and practical design of microscopes. Their quest to extend these advances brought Otto Schott into the enterprises to revolutionize optical glass manufacture. The firm of Carl Zeiss grew to one of the largest and most respected optical firms in the world.

Engraver: Carl Vezerfi-Clemm


Depicts Federal Eagle in the centre, surrounded by the country name, issue date, Stuttgart State Mint (F) mark and facial value.

The coat of arms of Germany displays a black eagle with red feet, beak and tongue on a golden field. This is the Bundesadler or "Federal Eagle", formerly the Reichsadler or "Imperial Eagle". It is a re-introduction of the coat of arms of the Weimar Republic (in use 1919–1935) adopted by the Federal Republic of Germany in 1950. The current official design is due to Tobias Schwab (1887–1967) and was introduced in 1928.

10 F


Depicts a portrait of Carl Zeiss and his microscope.

A microscope (from the Ancient Greek: μικρός, mikrós, "small" and σκοπεῖν, skopeîn, "to look" or "see") is an instrument used to see objects that are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Microscopy is the science of investigating small objects and structures using such an instrument. Microscopic means invisible to the eye unless aided by a microscope.

1816 - 1888


Inscription: Optics for science and technique


Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.625
Weight 15.5 g
Diameter 32.5 mm
Thickness 2.25 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Stuttgart State Mint (F)

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