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  • 1 Ban 1993-2017, KM# 1, Moldova
  • 1 Ban 1993-2017, KM# 1, Moldova

In November 1993 the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) issued and put into circulation its first coins of 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 bani made in aluminium and 1 and 5 lei coins made from nickel-plated steel. 1 ban coins remain legal tender but are rarely used or seen in circulation, effectively leading to "Swedish rounding".


Coat of arms of Moldova and full name of the country, an oak branch below.

The coat of arms of Moldova consists of an eagle holding a cross in its beak and a sceptre and an olive branch in its claws. According to Gheorghe Vrabie, the author of the coat of arms, the eagle symbolizes the Latin origin of the people.

The chest of the eagle is protected by a shield that bears the traditional arms of Moldavia: an aurochs' head with a star between its horns. It also contains two lozenges (the ears), a five-petaled flower and a moon in a crescent phase.



Value divides date above the letter "M" (Moldova), superposed on a square. The engraver's initials (if any) on the bottom left.

Engraver: Constantin Dumitrescu

20 1 00


1 Ban

KM# 1
Material Aluminium
Weight 0.67 g
Diameter 14.5 mm
Thickness 1.7 mm
Shape round
Alignment Coin
National Bank of Moldova

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