• 500 Rubles 1921, Y# 18, Khorezm People's Soviet Republic
  • 500 Rubles 1921, Y# 18, Khorezm People's Soviet Republic

The Khorezm People's Soviet Republic was the state created as the successor to the Khanate of Khiva in February 1920, when the Khan abdicated in response to pressure and officially declared by the First Khorezm Kurultay (Assembly) on 26 April 1920. On 20 October 1923, it was transformed into the Khorezm Socialist Soviet Republic.

On 27 October 1924 the Khorezm SSR was divided between Uzbek and Turkmen SSRs and the Karakalpak Autonomous Oblast as part of the delimitation of Central Asia according to nationalities.

Only two pairs of genuine dies are known one of which is exceedingly rare; all other die varieties are modern forgeries.


Value (500 manat, "500 besh yuz manat 500") and the inscription "Coin minted by the decision of the Khorezmian Republic" (“zarb fulus Khwarezmjumhuriyeti”) in the centre, 12-rayed sun divided date on top.

500 is written with numeral 5 in Central Asian form and zero in shape of oval.

٣٩ ١٣
بش يوز
ضرب فلوس خوارزمجمهوريتى


Depicts value in Russian and the emblem of the Republic flanked by the stars above.

The emblem consists of a shovel, a sickle and stalk of sorghum, crescent and star above. This emblem remained in use until July 1922. This is supposedly a variation of the 'hammer and sickle' symbol used by the Russians and territories under their influence. The 'hammer and sickle' represents industry and agriculture, but since Central Asia was more an agricultural region, they replaced the hammer with a shovel.


Edge -
Material Bronze
Weight 7.7 g
Diameter 24 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Khiva Mint

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