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  • 50 Centavos 1985-1988, KM# 99, Argentina
  • 50 Centavos 1985-1988, KM# 99, Argentina

The Austral was the currency of Argentina between June 15, 1985 and December 31, 1991. It was subdivided into 100 centavos. The symbol was an uppercase A with an extra horizontal line (₳). This symbol appeared on all coins issued in this currency (including centavos), to distinguish them from earlier currencies.


Head of Liberty, wearing a Phrygian cap, facing left, name of country below.

The Phrygian cap is a soft conical cap with the top pulled forward, associated in antiquity with several peoples in Eastern Europe and Anatolia, including Phrygia, Dacia, and the Balkans. In early modern Europe it came to signify freedom and the pursuit of liberty through a confusion with the pileus, the felt cap of manumitted (emancipated) slaves of ancient Rome. Accordingly, the Phrygian cap sometimes is called a liberty cap; in artistic representations it signifies freedom and the pursuit of liberty.



Value, double lined “A” at top, date below.



50 Centavos

KM# 99 Schön# 99
Material Brass
Weight 5.4 g
Diameter 24.2 mm
Thickness 1.9 mm
Shape polygon
Sides 12
Alignment Coin
Casa de Moneda (Argentina) (CMSE)

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