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  • 1 Nuevo Peso 1980, KM# 74, Uruguay
  • 1 Nuevo Peso 1980, KM# 74, Uruguay

The nuevo peso (N$) replaced the peso on 1 July 1975 at 1 new to 1,000 old.


Depicts the coat of arms of Uruguay, state name below on the left, date and mintmark below on the right.

The coat of arms consists of an oval shield, which is divided into four equal sections and crowned by a rising golden sun, the “Sun of May”, symbolizing the rising of the Uruguayan nation and the May Revolution. The oval is surrounded by a laurel branch on the left and an olive one on the right, representing honor and peace, joined at the bottom by the former uruguayan cockade.

In the upper left quarter there is a golden scale, symbol of equality and justice, set on a blue background. The upper right quarter contains the Cerro de Montevideo (Montevideo Hill) with its fortress on the summit, which represents strength, on a silver background.

In the lower left, also on a silver background, there is a galloping black horse, symbolizing liberty. The lower right quarter holds a golden ox, as a symbol of abundance, on a blue background.

From 1829 the coat of arms was ornamented with two Uruguayan Flags on each side, weapons, and various elements of commerce, in 1906 the design was simplified by law elimination all ornaments and specifying on the elements of the design.



Denomination in front of Coral flower, value on right as numeral.

Erythrina crista-galli, often known as the cockspur coral tree, is a flowering tree in the family Fabaceae, native to Argentina, Uruguay, southern Brazil and Paraguay. It is widely planted as a street or garden tree in other countries, notably in California. It is known by several common names within South America: ceibo, seíbo (Spanish), corticeira (Portuguese) and the more ambiguous bucaré, to name a few. Its specific epithet crista-galli means "cock's comb" in Latin.

The ceibo is the national tree of Argentina, and its flower the national flower of Argentina and Uruguay.

N$ 1


1 Nuevo Peso

KM# 74 Schön# 53
Material Cupronickel
Weight 6 g
Diameter 24 mm
Thickness 1.74 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Casa de Moneda de Chile (So)

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