• 20 Cents 2013-2018, KM# 347, Singapore
  • 20 Cents 2013-2018, KM# 347, Singapore

On 21 February 2013, the Monetary Authority of Singapore announced a new series of coins in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50 cents and 1 dollar, which went into circulation on 26 June 2013, featuring Singapore's national icons and landmarks. The coins have enhanced features to differentiate from fakes.


Singapore" in Singapore's four official languages (Malay, Chinese, English, and Tamil). Date below.

At the centre of the coat of arms is a red shield bearing a white crescent (a new moon, representing a rising young nation) and five white stars (representing various national ideals including multiculturalism), supported by a lion and a tiger (representing Singapore and Malaysia respectively); below them is a blue ribbon inscribed with Majulah Singapura in gold, Malay for "Onward Singapore". While the use of the coat of arms is restricted to the government, the symbol enjoys wide use on the national currency and state decorations, and appears on the cover of the national passport.

Engraver: Christopher Ironside

சிங்கப்பூர் 新加坡


Depicts the lion-head motif, value and Changi International Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport, commonly known as Changi Airport, is a major civilian airport that serves Singapore, and is one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia. The airport is located in Changi, at the eastern end of Singapore, approximately 20 km (12 mi)[14] from Marina Bay (Singapore's Downtown Core), on a 13-square-kilometre (5.0 sq mi) site.



20 Cents

KM# 347
Material Nickel Plated Steel
Weight 3.85 g
Diameter 21 mm
Thickness 1.72 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Singapore Mint (sm)

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