Mr. Men is a French/British series of children's books by English author Roger Hargreaves commencing in 1971. From 1981, an accompanying series of Little Miss books by the same author but with female characters was published. A similar series of animal characters known as Timbuctoo started in 1978. After Hargreaves's death in 1988, his son Adam Hargreaves began writing and illustrating new Mr. Men and Little Miss stories like Mr. Cool, Mr. Rude, Mr. Good, Little Miss Scary, Little Miss Bad and Little Miss Whoops.

Each book in the original Mr. Men and Little Miss series introduced a different title character and his/her single dominant personality trait to convey a simple moral lesson. The Mr. Men and Little Miss characters frequently reappeared in other characters' books. As of 2015, a total of 85 Mr. Men and Little Miss characters had been featured in the series. The books' simple stories, with brightly coloured, boldly drawn illustrations, made them very popular, with sales of over 100 million worldwide across 28 countries. All the characters are from the fictional town of “Mister Land".

The Royal Mint celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Mr. Men Little Miss with a three-coin series dedicated to Roger Hargreaves’ beloved collection of colourful characters. Featuring Mr. Happy, Mr. Strong, Little Miss Giggles and Little Miss Sunshine, this three-coin set is the perfect way to celebrate 50 years of fun.


The fifth crowned portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth II facing right, wearing the George IV State Diadem and drop earrings.

The George IV State Diadem, officially the Diamond Diadem, is a type of crown that was made in 1820 for King George IV. The diadem is worn by queens and queens consort in procession to coronations and State Openings of Parliament. The piece of jewelry has been featured in paintings and on stamps and currency. It can be seen in the Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace.

ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA FIDEI DEFENSATRIX means Elizabeth II, by the grace of God, Queen and Defender of the Faith.

Engraver: Jody Clark



Depicts colour-printed Little Miss Giggles with Mr. Strong and a special 50th-anniversary logo with a facsimile signature of the character’s creator, Roger Hargreaves.

Little Miss Giggles is the 14th book in the Little Miss series. Little Miss Giggles is blue with freckles, a yellow nose, red hair and yellow barrettes. Little Miss Giggles can't stop giggling; she giggles so much that she makes everyone else giggle too. She appeared in The Mr. Men Show in season two. She looked exactly as she did in the books (except for being a darker shade of blue), and sometimes her giggling got out of control.

Mr. Strong is the 26th book in the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves. Mr. Strong is so strong from eating many eggs, enough that he can break things, until he finds a farmer whose cornfield is on fire. Mr. Strong is so strong he picks up the farmer's barn and fills it with water, pours the water on the cornfield, extinguishing it. Mr. Strong is rewarded with eggs from the chickens on the farm. In the 2008 TV series, The Mr. Men Show, Mr. Strong's shape changed from a square to a triangle, however he kept his red color. He also wears a weight belt with a yellow buckle instead of his hat. He often says, "Yo" at the beginning of his sentences and he says "Aw, pickles!" when something goes wrong, which it often does due to his strength; and "Good thing I came along".

Engraver: Adam Hargreaves

50 years
Roger Hargreaves


100 Pounds

5th portrait, One Ounce Gold Proof
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Gold
Fineness 0.9999
Weight 31.21 g
Diameter 32.69 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Royal Mint

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