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  • 25 Fils 2014-2018, KM# 4a, United Arab Emirates, Khalifa
  • 25 Fils 2014-2018, KM# 4a, United Arab Emirates, Khalifa
  • 25 Fils 2014-2018, KM# 4a, United Arab Emirates, Khalifa, Fine (2018) vs coarse (2014) edge reeding

Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (Arabic: خليفة بن زايد بن سلطان آل نهيان‎‎; born 1948; referred to as Sheikh Khalifa) is the President of the United Arab Emirates, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and the commander of the Union Defence Force. He succeeded his father, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, as Emir of Abu Dhabi on November 2, 2004, and he became the President of the Federation the next day. As Crown Prince, he had already been acting as president since the late 1990s while his father was in ill health.


A Gazelle facing left, with Hijri and Gregorian year of mint below.

Sand gazelle (Gazella subgutturosa marica), with a maximum weight 22 kilogrammes, is the second largest of the antelopes that occur in the UAE. Virtually extinct in the wild, there are occasional reports from the Liwa of small groups of these beautiful creatures. The elegantly curved horns of both males and females are considerably longer than those of other gazelles occurring in the area. The animals are very light in colour, the head completely white in older animals, with back and flanks being light beige, an obvious advantage in the open sands, which they favour. The belly is white and the dark stripe between the white underside and the beige flanks and back of the gazelle, a distinguishing feature of the mountain gazelle, is absent. Black eyes, nostril and mouth contrast with the pale body. The sand gazelle is the only antelope in this area that regularly gives birth to twins and this usually in spring and autumn. The young spend their first days in shallow scrapes, or under a small bush, until they are strong enough to move with the adults.

Engraver: Geoffrey Colley



Denomination in Arabic characters surrounded by name of the country.

الامارات العربية المتحدة


25 Fils

KM# 4a
Material Nickel Clad Steel
Weight 3.5 g
Diameter 20 mm
Thickness 1.5 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Royal Canadian Mint (RCM)

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