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  • 1 Pound 1970-1972, KM# 424, Egypt, 1000th Anniversary of al-Azhar Mosque
  • 1 Pound 1970-1972, KM# 424, Egypt, 1000th Anniversary of al-Azhar Mosque

The United Arab Republic (UAR) was a short-lived political union between Egypt and Syria. The union began in 1958 and existed until 1961, when Syria seceded from the union after the 1961 Syrian coup d'état. Egypt continued to be known officially as the "United Arab Republic" until 1971. The president was Gamal Abdel Nasser. It was a member of the United Arab States, a loose confederation with North Yemen which in 1961 dissolved along with the Republic.


Depicts the building of Al-Azhar Mosque and sun raises behind, the inscription "Teach you the Book and Wisdom" above.

Al-Azhar Mosque, known simply in Egypt as al-Azhar, is an Egyptian mosque in Islamic Cairo. Al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah of the Fatimid dynasty commissioned its construction for the newly established capital city in 970. Its name is usually thought to derive from az-Zahrāʾ (meaning "the shining one"), a title given to Fatimah. It was the first mosque established in Cairo, a city that has since gained the nickname "the City of a Thousand Minarets".

After its dedication in 972, and with the hiring by mosque authorities of 35 scholars in 989, the mosque slowly developed into what is today the second oldest continuously run university in the world after Al Karaouine in Idrisid Fes. Al-Azhar University has long been regarded as the foremost institution in the Islamic world for the study of Sunni theology and sharia, or Islamic law. The university, integrated within the mosque as part of a mosque school since its inception, was nationalized and officially designated an independent university in 1961, following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

Over the course of its over millennium-long history, the mosque has been alternately neglected and highly regarded. Because it was founded as a Shiite Ismaili institution, Saladin and the Sunni Ayyubid dynasty that he founded shunned al-Azhar, removing its status as a congregational mosque and denying stipends to students and teachers at its school. These moves were reversed under the Mamluk Sultanate, under whose rule numerous expansions and renovations took place. Later rulers of Egypt showed differing degrees of deference to the mosque and provided widely varying levels of financial assistance, both to the school and to the upkeep of the mosque. Today, al-Azhar remains a deeply influential institution in Egyptian society that is highly revered in the Sunni Muslim world and a symbol of Islamic Egypt.

و يعلمكم الكتاب و الحكمة


Denomination in circle divides dates (Hegira and Gregorian), legend "United Arab Republic" above.
Inscription" 1000th Anniversary of al-Azhar Mosque" below.

الجمهورية العربية المتحدة
جنيه واحد
١٣٥٩ ١٩٧٠
العيد الألفي للأزهر الشريف

Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.720
Weight 25 g
Diameter 40 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Cairo Mint

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