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  • 25 Qirsh 1960, KM# 400, Egypt, National Assembly Inauguration, 3rd Anniversary
  • 25 Qirsh 1960, KM# 400, Egypt, National Assembly Inauguration, 3rd Anniversary

In 1956, the new Constitution was proclaimed stipulating for the formation of the National Assembly on 22 July 1957 with the membership of 350 elected members. However it was effective until 10 February 1958, when the Egyptian-Syrian merger was given force and the 1956 Constitution revoked.


Depicts the building of the Parliament of Egypt and a rising sun behind, hand on the Constitution in front. The inscription "Commemoration of the National Assembly Inauguration" and "July" Gregorian and Syriac above.

The building of the Parliament of Egypt in downtown Cairo was commissioned by Khedive Ismail in 1878. The country's legislative experience started in 1866, a century and a half ago.

يوليه - تموز
تذكار افتتاح مجلس الامه


Depicts mirrored vulture wings and Egyptian cobra heads (symbols of Ancient Egypt) flanking the disk of the sun (God Amun Ra). The country name (Republic of Egypt), value (Arabic numeral 25 in the centre, the denomination "Qirsh" below) and dates (Hegira and Gregorian) above.

The Egyptian cobra (Naja haje) was represented in Egyptian mythology by the cobra-headed goddess Meretseger. A stylised Egyptian cobra—in the form of the uraeus representing the goddess Wadjet—was the symbol of sovereignty for the Pharaohs who incorporated it into their diadem.

الجمهورية العربية المتحدة
١٣٨٠ - ١٩٦٠


25 Qirsh (Piastres)

KM# 400
Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.720
Weight 17.5 g
Diameter 35 mm
Thickness 2.4 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Cairo Mint

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