Obverse. Photo © South African Mint
  • 2 Rand 2020, South Africa, Bill of Rights, Freedom and Security of the Person
  • 2 Rand 2020, South Africa, Bill of Rights, Freedom and Security of the Person

The 2020 R2 commemorative coin completes the 2019 range of coins, and depicts the “Right to freedom and security of the person”.

In September 2019, the South African Mint invited the public to enter designs for the reverse side of a new R2 coin, depicting one of the remaining rights from the Bill of Rights, not already commemorated on the previous SA25 coins. The winning design was submitted by a senior graphic designer from Pretoria, Esta Quirk.

The Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of democracy in South Africa. It enshrines the rights of all people in the country and affirms the democratic values of human dignity, equality and freedom.


New national coat of arms for South Africa (adopted on 27 April 2000), inscribed in a square. On both sides, the country name displayed in Venda and Ndebele, date above.

The Coat of Arms has many elements organized into two oval groups, one on top of the other. Together the two ovals create a symbol of infinity.

The Lower or Foundation Oval:
At the base is the motto "Diverse People Unite" written in the Khoisan language of the ǀXam people. On either side of the motto, pairs of elephant tusks. The tusks enclose two ears of wheat. At the centre is a shield. On the shield are depicted two Khoisan figures. The Khoisan are the oldest inhabitants of South Africa. The figures on the shield are based on the Linton Panel (a world-famous piece of rock art now housed in the South African Museum in Cape Town), and face each other in greeting and unity. Above the shield, a crossed spear and knobkierie (a traditional fighting stick) separate the lower oval from the upper oval.

The Upper or Ascendant Oval
At the centre is the South African National Flower, the King Protea. It is comprised of interlocking diamonds. The protea forms the chest of the secretary bird, whose head and wings stretch out above it. Between its wings, the rising sun.

Engraver: Arthur Sutherland

Afurika Tshipembe ALS iSewula Afrika


Depicts a mother and daughter, walking freely in nature. The daughter is holding a sunflower, which is magical in its ability to move its head toward the sun, resonant of the resilience, optimism and hopefulness of the young.

Engraver: V.L. Chippa
Designers: Esta Quirk, G. Walker

Freedom and security of the person 1994-2019


2 Rand

Bill of Rights
Freedom and Security of the Person

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Type Commemorative Issue (Circulating)
Material Nickel Plated Copper
Weight 5.5 g
Diameter 23 mm
Thickness 1.7 mm
Shape round
Alignment Medal
South African Mint (SA Mint)

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