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  • 10 Milliemes 1980, KM# 111, Sudan
  • 10 Milliemes 1980, KM# 111, Sudan

Depicts the national emblem of the Democratic Republic of the Sudan (1970–1985) dividing dates in Gregorian (left) and Islamic year (right) in Arabic numerals.

The emblem shows a secretarybird bearing a shield from the time of Muhammad Ahmad, the self-proclaimed Mahdi who briefly ruled Sudan in the 19th century. Two scrolls are placed on the arms; the upper one displays the national motto, ("Victory is ours"), and the lower one displays the title of the state.

The secretarybird was chosen as a distinctively Sudanese and indigenous variant of the "Eagle of Saladin" and "Hawk of Quraish" seen in the emblems of some Arab states, and associated with Arab nationalism.

النصر لنا
١٤٠٠ ١٩٨٠
جمهورية السودان الديمقراطية


Denomination between mirrored flower and cotton ornaments, country name above (Democratic Republic of the Sudan).

جمهورية السودان الديمقراطية


10 Milliemes

Democratic Republic
KM# 111 Schön# 56
Material Brass
Weight 5 g
Diameter 24.5 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Royal Mint

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