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  • 1 Scellino 1967, KM# 9, Somalia
  • 1 Scellino 1967, KM# 9, Somalia

The Somali Republic was the name of a sovereign state composed of Somalia and Somaliland, following the unification of the Trust Territory of Somaliland (the former Italian Somaliland) and the State of Somaliland (the former British Somaliland). A government was formed by Abdullahi Issa Mohamud and Muhammad Haji Ibrahim Egal and other members of the trusteeship and protectorate administrations, with Haji Bashir Ismail Yusuf as President of the Somali National Assembly and Aden Abdullah Osman Daar as President of the Somali Republic. On 22 July 1960, Daar appointed Abdirashid Ali Shermarke as Prime Minister. On 20 July 1961 and through a popular referendum, Somalia ratified a new constitution, which was first drafted in 1960. The new constitution was rejected by Somaliland.

The administration lasted until 1969, when the Supreme Revolutionary Council (SRC) seized power in a bloodless coup and renamed the country the Somali Democratic Republic.


Depicts the coat of arms of Somalia, surrounded by the date and country name in English and Arabic.

The coat of arms of Somalia depicts a shield, with a central star and horizontal lines, supported by a cheetah on each side. Crossed spears underneath mingled with ribbon. Crown above the shield.

It was adopted on October 10, 1956 and was created by an unknown Somali man. The cheetahs which support the shield and the white star were also found on the coat of arms used in Italian Somaliland.

١٩٦٧ · SOMALI REPUBLIC · 1967
الجمهورية الصومالية


Denomination and star within central beaded circle. Lettering around outside of circle.

- ١ شلن -


1 Scellino (Shilling)

KM# 9 Schön# 14
Material Cupronickel
Weight 7.3 g
Diameter 26.5 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Coin
Royal Mint

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