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  • 5 Pounds 1989, KM# 663, Egypt, 40th Anniversary of the Egyptian Advertising Company
  • 5 Pounds 1989, KM# 663, Egypt, 40th Anniversary of the Egyptian Advertising Company

Al Gomhuria (Arabic: الجمهورية; English: The Republic) is an influential state-owned Egyptian Arabic language daily newspaper.

The Egyptian Advertising Company is the largest subsidiary of the Dar Al-Tahrir Establishment for Printing and Publishing (Al-Gomhoria), which was established in 1949, and it is the owner of the advertising franchise in all press releases, as well as the company's various advertising media that meet the needs of the advertising market in Egypt to contribute in turn to reviving the movement of the economy National by following the latest mechanisms and methods of contemporary marketing for products, services, ideas or advertising campaigns.


Depicts a bust of Cleopatra (left) wearing olive headdress, paint tools brush and pencil (left) and the logo of Egyptian Advertising Company (Egyptian in Arabic as a rooster) within zero of 40 (right). Inscription "Egyptian Advertising Company" in French above and Arabic below.

Cleopatra VII Philopator (69-30 BC), known to history simply as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, briefly survived as pharaoh by her son Caesarion. After her reign, Egypt became a province of the recently established Roman Empire.

Societe Egyptienne de Publicite
العيد الأربعون
شركة الإعلانات المصرية


Denomination in mirrored stylized flowers, dates (Hegira and Gregorian) below, calligraphic art country name "Arab Republic of Egypt" in center.

خمسة جنيهات
جمهورية مصر العربية
١٩٨٩ - ١٤٠٩


5 Pounds

40th Anniversary of the Egyptian Advertising Company

KM# 663 Schön# 391
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.720
Weight 17.5 g
Diameter 37.2 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Cairo Mint

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