Off-metal coins (OMS) are coins that are struck using a different metal alloy planchet than the one that is typically used.

Banque Misr is an Egyptian bank co-founded by industrialist Joseph Aslan Cattaui Pasha and economist Talaat Harb Pasha in 1920. The government of the United Arab Republic nationalized the bank in 1960. The bank has branch offices in all of Egypt's governorates, and currency exchange and work permit offices for foreign workers in Egypt.


Depicts the bank building within a circle and the inscription "The centenary of the first Egyptian bank" above, dates (1920-2020) and the name of the bank in English below.

Designer mark Ahmed k. on the left

مئوية أول بنك مصري
بنك مصر
احمد ك
١٩٢٠ ٢٠٢٠


Depicts the Statue of Talaat Pasha Harb, denomination divides dates (Hegira and Gregorian) in a circle and the inscription "BANQUE MISR" in Arabic below, legend "Arab Republic of Egypt" above.

Talaat Harb Pacha (1867–1941) was a leading Egyptian entrepreneur and founder of Banque Misr, and its group of companies, in May 1920.

The idea of establishing Banque Misr first emerged in 1907, when Talaat Harb contributed 100 EGP to the establishment of Al Ahly SC. He was a renowned nationalist industrialist, he published a book calling for the founding of a national bank with Egyptian financing. He called attention to the idle funds invested by foreigners for purposes other than the interests of Egypt. He continued advocating this call on all occasions, with untiring persistence. Harb co-founded a newspaper, Al Jarida, which was the official organ of the Umma Party. In 1911, he published another book titled "The Egyptian Economic Reform and the Nation's Bank Project ", where he explained his economic idea.

The bank, under the leadership of Talaat Harb, established a number of companies operating in various sectors, such as textiles, shipping, publishing, movie making, insurance and the first national airline Egypt Air.

Designer mark Nevene on the left

جمهورية مصر العربية
١ جنيه
١٤٤١ هـ ٢٠١٩ م
بنك مصر


1 Pound

Trial Strike, Copper Planchet OMS
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Copper
Weight -
Diameter 35 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Cairo Mint

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