The 2006 Winter Olympics, officially the XX Olympic Winter Games (Italian: XX Giochi olimpici invernali) and also known as Torino 2006, were a winter multi-sport event held from 10 to 26 February 2006 in Turin, Italy. This marked the second time Italy had hosted the Winter Olympics, the first being in 1956 in Cortina d'Ampezzo; Italy had also hosted the Summer Olympics in 1960 in Rome.

The 2006 Winter Olympics featured 84 medal events over 15 disciplines in 7 sports. Events that made their Olympic debut in Turin included mass start biathlon, team sprint cross-country skiing, snowboard cross and team pursuit speed skating. The classical men's 50 km and women's 30 km distances, which were held at Salt Lake 2002, were not included in these Games, as these events were alternated with freestyle events of the same distances.


Depicts the official emblem of the XX Winter Olympic Games of Turin. The mint mark (R) on the left, the engraver's name on the right below, and the country name above.

The Games' logo depicted a stylized profile of the Mole Antonelliana building, drawn in white and blue ice crystals, signifying the snow and the sky. The crystal web was also meant to portray the web of new technologies and the Olympic spirit of community.

The Mole Antonelliana is a major landmark building in Turin, Italy, named after its architect, Alessandro Antonelli. A mole in Italian is a building of monumental proportions. Construction began in 1863, soon after Italian unification, and was completed in 1889, after the architect's death.

Engraver: Roberto Mauri

R m
torino 2006


Depicts Palazzina di Stupinigi in Turin with the pictogram of the flame carrier. The date of the issue, the value and the engraver's name below. On top, the arch-shaped inscription “XX Olympic Winter Games”.

The Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi (Italian: "The hunting residence of Stupinigi") is one of the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy in northern Italy, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Built as a royal hunting lodge in the early 18th century, it is located in Stupinigi, a suburb of the town of Nichelino, 10 km (6 mi) southwest of Turin.

Engraver: Uliana Pernazza



20 Euro

Torino 2006 Winter Olympics
Palazzina di caccia of Stupinigi

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KM# 265 Fr# 1550
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Gold
Fineness 0.900
Weight 6.451 g
Diameter 21 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Italian State Mint and Polygraphic Institute (IPZS)

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