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  • 5 Euro 2012, KM# 444, Italy, Italy of Arts, Campobasso
  • 5 Euro 2012, KM# 444, Italy, Italy of Arts, Campobasso

Campobasso is a city and comune in southern Italy, the capital of the region of Molise and of the province of Campobasso. It is located in the high basin of the Biferno river, surrounded by Sannio and Matese mountains.

Artist: Claudia Momoni


Depicts the Monforte Castle of Campobasso surrounded by the country name.

The Castello Monforte is a castle and defensive complex in Campobasso, Italy. It is located on a hill overlooking the city. The origin of the castle is disputed. Some authors date the castle to 1459, built for Count Nicola II dei Monforte-Gambatesa. Other authors date the castle to Norman times; a document from 1375 mentions a castle there.

After the castle suffered damage during the earthquake of 1456, Cola Monforte refurbished the castle and surrounding structures and erected walls. During the 17th-century, the castle was abandoned and began to deteriorate. In the 19th-century, it was used as a temporary cemetery. In 1861, the castle was bought by the city of Campobasso.



Depicts a medieval lunette from the main portal of the Church of San Giorgio in Campobasso, decorated with leaves, wine grapes and other representations of vegetal. In the centre, the mystical lamb. At the base, the inscriptions "CAMPOBASSO" and the name of the artist "MOMONI"; on the left "R"; above, the arch-shaped inscription "Italy of Arts 2012".

A lunette (French lunette, "little moon") is a half-moon shaped architectural space, variously filled with sculpture, painted, glazed, filled with recessed masonry, or void. A lunette may also be segmental, and the arch may be an arc taken from an oval. A lunette window is commonly called a half-moon window, or fanlight when bars separating its panes fan out radially.



5 Euro

KM# 444
Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.925
Weight 18 g
Diameter 32 mm
Thickness -
Shape round
Alignment Medal
Italian State Mint and Polygraphic Institute (IPZS)

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