Obverse. Photo © JM Bullion
  • 250 Francs 2023, Djibouti, 3D Ancient Pyramid
  • 250 Francs 2023, Djibouti, 3D Ancient Pyramid
  • 250 Francs 2023, Djibouti, 3D Ancient Pyramid, Thoth and Amun
  • 250 Francs 2023, Djibouti, 3D Ancient Pyramid, Anubis and Horus
  • 250 Francs 2023, Djibouti, 3D Ancient Pyramid, Osiris and Isis
  • 250 Francs 2023, Djibouti, 3D Ancient Pyramid, Bastet and Ra

The pyramids, long symbols of ancient Egypt in Western perception, gained widespread recognition during Hellenistic times. Antipater of Sidon listed the Great Pyramid as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, making it the oldest among them and the sole survivor.


Depicts the national arms within the wreath, country name in French above, Denomination, metal, purity and weight below within a circular frame adorned with Eye of Horus (udjat eye), and the year of issue on the bottom. In the foreground, two lotus columns.

Djibouti adopted its national emblem upon gaining independence from France on June 27, 1977. The emblem features laurel branches on the sides and encloses a vertical spear with a shield in front. Below the shield, two hands holding large machetes represent the nation's main ethnic groups, the Afar and the Issa. At the top of the spear is a red star, symbolizing unity between the Issa and Afar peoples.

Ag .999 •1000 FRANCS• 1000 g


Depicts four facets featuring eight Egyptian gods and goddesses, two deities to be shown on each side, Thoth, Amun, Anubis, Horus, Osiris, Isis, Bastet and Ra with each side has engraved hieroglyphics.

Amun – a creator god, patron deity of the city of Thebes, and the preeminent deity in Egypt during the New Kingdom.

Thoth – a moon god, and a god of writing and scribes, and patron deity of Hermopolis.

Anubis/Anput – the god/goddess of funerals, embalming and protector of the dead.

Horus – a major god, usually shown as a falcon or as a human child, linked with the sky, the sun, kingship, protection, and healing. Often said to be the son of Osiris and Isis.

Osiris – god of death and resurrection who rules the underworld and enlivens vegetation, the sun god, and deceased souls.

Isis – wife of Osiris and mother of Horus, linked with funerary rites, motherhood, protection, and magic. She became a major deity in Greek and Roman religion.

Bastet – Goddess represented as a cat or lioness, patroness of the city of Bubastis, linked with protection from evil.

Ra (Re) – the foremost Egyptian sun god, involved in creation and the afterlife. Mythological ruler of the gods, father of every Egyptian king, and the patron god of Heliopolis.

Edge -

250 Francs

3D Ancient Pyramid

Type Commemorative Issue (Non-circulating)
Material Silver
Fineness 0.999
Weight 1000 g
Diameter -
Side1 40.6 mm
Side2 40.6 mm
Side3 -
Thickness 2.98 mm
Shape triangular
Alignment -

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