Obverse. Photo © Numismatics Hungary
  • 1 Denier 1116-1131, Huszar# 45, Hungary, Stephen II
  • 1 Denier 1116-1131, Huszar# 45, Hungary, Stephen II

Stephen II (Hungarian: II. István; 1101 – 1131), King of Hungary and Croatia, reigned from 1116 until 1131. His father, King Coloman, crowned him as a child, thereby preventing his uncle Álmos from claiming the throne. In the first year of his reign, Venice occupied Dalmatia, and Stephen never managed to reclaim control over the province. His rule was marked by frequent wars with neighboring countries.

Stephen II's reign witnessed some territorial expansion and efforts to strengthen royal authority, but it was also characterized by instability and internal conflicts. He died in 1131, leaving a legacy that included both accomplishments and significant challenges.


Depicts a cross in a pearl ring, wedges in between. The upper and left arm of the cross extends over the wreath of pearls and interrupts the circular inscription. Surrounded by the Latin inscription "King Stephen" interrupted by two dot-like motifs.



Depicts an isosceles cross in a ring, wedges in between, surrounded by the Latin inscription "King László".



1 Denier

Huszar# 45 Unger# 35
Production Hammering
Material Silver
Weight 0.53 g
Diameter 12.25 mm
Thickness -
Shape round

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